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  1. Sentences
    1. Simple Statements (Subject+Verb)
    2. Sentences with Connective Verbs
    3. Sentences with (Direct) Objects of the Verb
    4. Sentences with Indirect Objects
    5. Interrogative Sentences
    6. Commands and Requests
    7. Sentences with Participles and Infinitives
    8. Complex Sentences
    9. Compound Sentences

Greek Sentence Structure

  1. Sentence Structure
    1. Subject: That of which something is said (He threw the ball to me.)
    2. Predicate: The part of the sentence which says something about the subject.(He threw the ball to me)
    3. Verb: (He threw the ball to me.)
    4. Direct Object: Receives the action of the verb/predicate (He threw the ba