Monthly Archives: December 2008

Logos for Mac Has Arrived!

Yesterday I finally received my copy of Logos Bible Software: mac in the mail. It was such an exciting day for me. It’s been a day I’ve been wishing for since the day I first went into an Apple retailer and bought my first Mac. Three years and a new Mac later, it’s finally arrived. It’s here. It’s real. It’s amazing. Logos: mac arrived in a humble little package that I opened to reveal a very fresh, Mac looking package. Logos did well on the product packaging. I hope it makes a hit at the Apple Store. Inside the package was a single DVD that I inserted into my system and in a few minutes, I was opening Libronix and running a Passage Guide (I had the beta installed since I was a beta tester so that’s why my install process was so quick. I had everything previously setup before I received the disc.). One day soon when I have some time to sit down and really look over Logos I’ll post my full review right here. Until then, it simply feels good to finally hold in my hands an accomplishment of job well done for Logos. I’m so thankful that they persisted, and I truly believe their persistence is […]

It’s Pretty Obvious It’s Here

By the look at this photo off the Logos Blog it’s pretty obvious that Logos Bible Software: mac, has arrived. This is a blessed time in history for all of us Mac users because we finally have the power of our favorite Bible software program natively on our favorite platform. My copy of Logos: mac has not yet arrived, but rest assured that soon as it arrives here I’ll have my complete and thorough review of the product that I will be posting right here. Stay tuned for the latest info soon! By the way, if you haven’t yet grabbed your copy of Logos: mac yet, hop on over to and grab your copy today! Or you could call my sales rep Jared Bryant at Logos as he would be happy to place your order. In addition, I’ll be giving you my full review of Logos: mac on my brand new MacBook Pro that I brought back with me from my recent trip to Georgia. I just couldn’t resist. 🙂 Until then, take care everyone! Nathan Parker