John G. Butler’s Commentaries-Coming Soon to a Libronix Library Near You!

Dear Logos Users,

Recently Logos has put into pre-pub John G. Butler’s Analytical Bible Expositor commentary series. I would like for all of you to do me a favor.


This is absolutely the best commentary series Logos could ever put into production, & it’s just begun! Butler is working on many more titles to eventually cover the entire Bible. Butler is my favorite author of all time, & I can’t wait to have this series under my Libronix library. I want this to be Logos’ best selling pre-pub ever. If Logos can sell enough of this collection then I hope they will be compelled to produce the rest of these commentaries (when available) & all of Butler’s other resources into Libronix format. I have all of his other resources in print & they are absolutely vital to my Bible study. They are the most truthful, uncompromising gems I’ve ever read. After consulting the Bible text itself, my next step is always Butler.

Please add these wonderful resources to your Libronix library, & tell all of your friends to to the same as well. No library is complete without these amazing tools!

While you’re at it, if you’re looking for someone to order the resources from, please consider ordering from my personal sales rep Jared Bryant. He is a wonderful sales rep & he’d be happy to process your pre-pub order. I’ve been ordering from him for years & I’ve always enjoyed supporting him. While I can’t guarantee you some “amazing discount”, I can guarantee you ordering from one of the nicest sales reps, plus you’ll be supporting his family of two new babies! He could always use the support right now. Just call 1-800-875-6467 & ask for Jared Bryant. If you’ll mention that you saw this on my Blog that will just help Jared to know who sent you to him.

Thanks a bunch!
Nathan Parker