PBB Resource Requests

Just thought I would put out an offer. If there are books that you want in PBB format but do not have the tool, I will try to assist you with the conversion part. What I would ask of you:

1. Provide a Microsoft Word or OpenOffice Writer formatted document. Use the Header Styles to define the chapters and headers that you want in the book.
2. Provide at least one Internet URL that shows that the work is in the Public Domain.
3. Provide the reference (Internet URL if possible) of where the text came from; I want to be sure to credit the proper sources.
4. Provide the Title, Author, Language, Copyright (or public domain), Publisher, and optionally a description to be placed into the book’s metadata.

If you are able to put this information and resource together that would mean very little work on my part. This should result in at most a one week turnaround on your PBB. If you are having trouble with one or more of the items above, I can try to help as time allows – but it would probably slow things down a little.

Anyway, the offer is made. 🙂