PBB Updater Update Needed

With the changes made recently, PBB Updater will be having some problems with downloading. To correct this issue you will need to edit one line in the file: Program Files\StillTruth.com\PBB Updater\mySettings.xml.

Change From:

<site name="StillTruth.com" rootURL="http://www.stilltruth.com/sites/stilltruth.com/files/webfm/pbb/" fileName="http://www.stilltruth.com/pbblisting1.txt" />

Change To:

<site name="StillTruth.com" rootURL="http://www.stilltruth.com/sites/stilltruth.com/files/webfm/public/pbb/" fileName="http://www.stilltruth.com/pbblisting1.txt" />

I’ll eventually post a new updater that will have this fix and will try to do something with the files that say they are updated but aren’t. But this will allow you to get the new resources if you want them.