Preparing For Haiti 2008

It’s that time again. I’m making plans for my 2008 return to Haiti. I’m not leaving until April but that doesn’t mean there’s time to rest. On top of daily duties I’m revamping all of my Spiritual Warfare study notes (and redoubling my prayer effort). I welcome any prayers as it seems without fail that anytime I embark on this trip and these preparations the enemy attacks. Thanks be to God the victory is in the blood of Jesus Christ!

I’ve made this trip a number of times already, and I’m looking forward to meeting and praying with (and hopefully encouraging) the missionaries I serve with in that part of Haiti. They need as much encouragement as anyone if for no other reason than that they are human. My trip is relatively short it’s over in three weeks but these folks are gone for a long time. If you know any missionaries why don’t you stop right now and say a prayer for them.