Site Updates Winter 2008 is still growing in readership and I’m grateful to all of you who read as well as those that contribute. This little update is just to let you know what’s going on behind the scenes.

Libronix Linking

You might have noticed lately that the site now provides links directly to open a passage in Libronix. You’ll see the Libronix Icon next to almost any scripture reference now. For instance if I type John 3:16 you can see the link. If you happen to own Libronix you can click the button and open it up. By the way this will work with the KJV and the free copy of Libronix offered by Nelson.

PBBupdater and WEBFM

Most of you know that we offer hundreds of Personal Book Builder books for the Libronix engine. This has been done on the back end via a script called “webfm”. Somehow in the last few days someone had used the webfm back end and had moved all of the PBB files. Fortunately the webfm module‚Äôs security and permissions have grown since I first started using it so the site is more secure than before. Unfortunately those security protocols have to be enacted and doing so caused a speedbump. While all of the file links on the site still work, the underlying files were physically moved which generated a brand new file date on all files – this triggered a complete update request through the pbbupdater program. We’re working on a solution to that problem.

Most of you won’t notice a difference on the website at all concerning this, but for those of you who add files from time to time you’ll notice now that you can only see (and hence modify) your own files and nobody else’s on the webfm back end. This ultimately leads to better security for the system and will in the future prevent accidental directory moving which resets all the file dates.

In the spirit of keeping it short, that’s all for this update.
Until next time – soak yourself in the word of God.