PBB Annual Renewal Feed

I just wanted to be sure that everyone who had the PBB knew of the discounted options currently available for renewing the PBB.

“Personal Book Builder Addin Renewal
As specified in the License Terms, the Personal Book Builder Standard Edition and Personal Book Builder Private Use Edition each require an annual fee to renew the license. The renewal fee for the Standard Edition is $50; the renewal fee for the Private Use Edition is $25.

We have decided to cut the renewal fee in half for all current renewals. For a limited time, a 12-month renewal of the Standard Edition is just $25 and a 12-month renewal of the Private Use Edition is only $12.50.

NOTE: Effective January 29, 2008, those who use the Personal Book Builder in conjunction with their teaching are exempt from the annual license renewal fee. To have your renewal fee waived, you must contact Customer Service at 800.875.6467.

Please note the following important details:

If you receive notice that your license is to expire earlier than 12 months from the date you activated the product, please enter your Customer ID in the box below to extend your license through the full, original 12 months at no charge.

All users may renew early. Renewals purchased before the expiration date will begin on your current date of expiration (that is, you will receive the full 12 months).

If your Personal Book Builder license expires, you will still be able to read personal books but will no longer be able to produce them.”