Ramsey on Tithing

I don’t know if you are a friend or foe of Dave Ramsey, but if you ever wonder about his view of Tithing let me clear it up for you:

“QUESTION: Adel can’t tithe, because that puts her budget in the negative once everything is paid. They have $3,000 in credit card debt and make $3,200 a month. They have a $1,400 house payment, a $15,000 car and a rental property that is losing money. Dave does some digging, and find out that tithing is not what’s causing them to fall short.

ANSWER: We don’t do the church tithe because it’s a salvation issue or to make God like you more. He is already crazy about you. Don’t do tithing to secure your place in heaven. Tithe from a positive motivation. Your Heavenly Father said in the Bible to tithe before anything else, but it’s because he wants you to be a giver. That’s His primary motivation in wanting you to tithe.

You won’t lose favor with Him if you stop for a little while to get this mess cleaned up. Do what you can do, but don’t keep a $15,000 car and tell me you can’t tithe a year from now. Get a $5,000 car, pay cash for it, get the credit card paid off and the rental property sold. The tithe is the natural thing that will happen.”
Tithe isn’t busting the budget