Libronix Toolbars

Every once in awhile I need to update Libronix (all the time). But as of right now with Libronix version 3.x there are update scripts scattered everywhere. So after reading yet another request on the newsgroup for the scripts I stuck together the following little toolbar for the various Libronix Updates of which I’m aware.

You’ll find here:

  • Resource Autoupdate
  • Addins autoupdate
  • Data files update
  • Plus a couple of useful links.

As others are added or as I find more I’ll add them to a new version of the toolbar here.

I’ve also included here a few other toolbars which I’ve hosted here before which were put together by Andrew MacKenzie.

    Installing the toolbars is as simple as

  1. Close Libronix if it’s Open
  2. Save the file to your "My Documents/Libronix DLS/CustomToolbars/" directory.
  3. Restart Libronix.