J. Mark Bertrand was right!

Quite awhile back on Bible Design and Binding: Cambridge Wide Margin Reference Bible (NASB) I read the following

Like trying to hold water in my hands … that’s what my first experience with the Cambridge Wide Margin Reference Bible was like. I expected the goatskin cover to be flexible, but this was ridiculous. Ridiculously good, that is. Wherever it wasn’t supported by my hand, this Bible gracefully plunged toward the floor, almost like it was wet. I half expected it to be dripping, but of course it wasn’t. That’s the illusion a fine, flexible binding can give. Though the New American Standard Bible (NASB), the translation featured in this edition, is often described as “wooden,” this wide-margin felt anything but. It was the best Cambridge binding I’ve ever witnessed, and one of the best Bibles I’ve ever handled, period…

He was right.

I went ahead and ordered This Bible (Amazon link) and I’m so glad I did. It arrived today and with trembling hands I opened the box on the most expensive Bible I’ve ever owned. It smelled wonderful! The pages are beautifully art gilt. Both black ribbons are the right length and have the right feel that they should have for a Bible of this size. Nothing about this bible feels like it shouldn’t.

I was almost ashamed to purchase a bible this expensive to be honest. But I’ve always bought bibles off the $20 shelf and they wear out in very short order. I’m sick of transferring notes from one to another. This time I listened to J. Mark Bertrand’s advice and nailed this one since the NASB remains my translation of choice for preaching and for study. As I reflect on the purchase I was struck with another thought. I have never before purchased an item simply because the reviewer said it was worthwhile – this marks a first for me. At this price it may well be my last. (Well my ESV Goatskin was also purchased at just about the same price but it won’t get here for a month or so yet.)

But for all practical purposes this is it. This is the replacement I purchased in response to Still Looking for a new bible. As you can see from the photo the margins are generous – I am so looking forward to filling them in little by little with my Sakura Pigment Pen.

But first I need to get to work transferring my notes.