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Interview with Accordance’s Helen Brown

Hebrew and Greek Blog recently hosted a “20 Questions” interview with Accordance Bible Software’s Helen Brown. Accordance users have seen here over on the Accordance Forums, as well as probably have conversed with her via email. It’s an interesting interview. Click Here to read it. For those of you who haven’t heard of Accordance, it’s a Mac Bible software program and right now the only major competitor to Logos for Mac. It’s primary strengths are Greek/Hebrew access. Many Mac users run Accordance alongside Logos for Mac.

Well, I Won

Recently I won in one of Logos’ Bible Study Magazine contests. Of all the giveaways, I happened to win the free book by Elizabeth George, “Understand Your Blessings in Christ”. It does look rather interesting, and I’ll look through it and probably pass it onto one of my friend’s who’s an avid reader, and when she’s done with books she likes to place them in her cottage for her guests to read. Here’s the email I got from Ryan Burns just to satisfy your curiosity: Congratulations! Bible Study Magazine is pleased to announce that you have won a free copy of Elizabeth George’s, “Understanding you Blessings in Christ.” I already have your mailing address from your online entry, so your book is already on its way. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Again, congratulations! _ryan W. Ryan Burns Marketing Manager Logos Bible Software There’s been some talk of BSM on here, so I’m sure you’ve already heard of it. If you haven’t, feel free to go to and check it out.

WORDsearch 9 On the Way, Bible Explorer for Mac Now Available

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted here, and I apologize for that. For those that subscribe to my profile on Facebook, you know that we’re in the process of moving, and it’s been hectic, although it’ll pay off once we move into our beautiful new house in North Georgia. In addition, WeatherBug has created a new blog at, and I’m one of the admins as well as I help with the web development of it, so I’ve been devoting much of my online time there. I’ve rounded up some more info though, so I hope to blog a little more often here than I have been, especially since I’ll be starting seminary this fall and hope to post some info on that down the road. Well, enough about me, onto my blog entry… WORDsearch has a new version of their popular Bible software up their sleeve, obviously known as WORDsearch 9. They haven’t mentioned any new features or unveiled any details as of yet, only the mention of it in their conference newsletter stating that WORDsearch 9 will be discussed there, as well as attendees will get a free upgrade to version 9. Here’s the details of the newsletter I received: Dear Nathan, Join us for the […]