Daily Archives: November 2, 2009

Things to know about Logos 4

  • You are NOT required to have Libronix 3.x installed to install Logos 4.0, but you do need your licence synced up…
  • Assume all your resources will need to be redownloaded, as they probably will… (My download was 4.5 Gigs)
  • If you want to manually search for updates, or download 4.0 resources, enter Update Now in the command box and wait 5-10 minutes for it to start…
  • Indexing after downloading will take hours, but its worth it for search speed it will bring… (It may start by saying some huge number like “120 hours left”, but this number usually adjusts to a much lower number as Logos determines hows fast indexing is really going… [My indexing took 6.5 hours on the MSI Netbook I reviewed in earlier posts.] You can bring up Logos while it is indexing, but it will be slow…)
  • Don’t plan on deleting Libronix 3.x for awhile… (Notes, Markups, Sermon Files, PBBs, and most other user data doesn’t move over right now… Limited support to be added in 1st two quarters of 2010…)
  • Queries are case sensitive… (Use lower case for keywords and tags normally…)
  • Tags in 3.x resources may not exist in 4.0 resources… (New tags based on interlinear data are usually used instead.)
    Rendering can be slow at times…
  • Resources that use multimedia (Including Self-Tests) may not work as expected…
  • Expect periodic updates from Logos that may be large for the time being… (If you don’t have unlimited broadband internet, you may want to wait a few weeks before downloading, or just order a DVD.)
  • Vista and Windows 7 Logos4 files found in C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Logos4

  • Hiding Resourcs

    We all know there are some resources you just don’t want. (Like deprecated users guides) How can you hide them?

    1. Go to Tools > Program settings
    2. Expand “hidden resources” at the bottom of the list.
    3. Open your Library
    4. Drag and drop what you want to hide in there.

    And Bibleworks Too

    Below is the copy of an email I received today. I’ve used Bibleworks for years along side of Logos Bible Software. In my opinion it’s worth it.

    BibleWorks News

    Bibleworks is ALWAYS getting better — so you can better FOCUS ON THE TEXT!

    And for a limited time, your friends can get $30 off when they purchase BibleWorks and a module!

    November 2, 2009

    Tell-your-friends Sale

    Do you have any friends who might be interested in obtaining BibleWorks? If so, could you please help us out and forward this special offer to them?

    For the next ten days we’re offering a special sale for new customers. If they purchase BibleWorks 8 and at least one module through our webstore (www.bibleworks.com) using the coupon code TENFRIEND, we’ll take $30 off their purchase.

    If you can think of someone who might want to know about this sale, we’d appreciate it if you would pass on the news!