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Preparing and Indexing your L4 Library

After restarting Logos for the first time, you’re going to be greeted with the “preparing your Library” splash screen. While I can’t speak with absolute programmers knowledge about what is happening here, I can postulate from what I learned during the Beta phase.

First: L4 is going to copy all of your books either from the scan path given in the last step, or from your resource path in your existing L3 installation or finally, from the installation DVD. All of your books for your entire library will be kept in a single directory. One of the new features of L4 is Library management. At this stage that means that you no longer have to be concerned with whether or not you have all the books you’re supposed to have. By keeping them all in one directory, and by cross checking your license with their database, Logos will now keep everything up to date. You forgot you owned The Scripture Alphabet of Animals or The Love Affairs Of A Bibliomaniac? Logos didn’t and if it’s not on your Hard drive where it belongs – they’ll download it for you.

Installation and First Run


Installation is fairly straight-forward: Double Click the Installer icon on your desktop if you’ve downloaded it, or run it from the DVD you’ve received. Note that the install is now so massive that installing it from just a CD is not an option that I’m aware of.

From this point forward, Logos4 (L4) will download the prerequisites installer if needed – or will take it from your DVD if you have it. (note that in the video I paused during most of the download so you don’t have to watch a status bar).
Once the prerequisites are installed, more files will be installed and downloaded. This will amount to several Megabytes so just be patient. Once you’re there, you’ll get the installer program. Just watch the video (starting about 1:00 in) and you’ll see the steps.

Once you’ve read and accepted the license agreement you’ll get the installation type screen. Most of you will be content to just choose typical – but I show you here what the default path looks like.

First Run

When the installation completes you’ll see the splash screen and then a prompt to either Log in or create a new account. Fill in your information and sign in.

Pretty soon you’ll get a “preparing your Library, this may take awhile”. Trust me when I say it’s true.

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