Daily Archives: November 9, 2009

Is Something Missing?

One of the more frequent complaints observations concerning Logos 4 is that some features which were in Logos 3 are not (yet) in L4.
So what’s missing and when can you expect it to show up? For starters you can look at the official What’s missing page.

Or I could just repeat the information right here:

Coming Very Soon

  • Notes importing
  • Visual markup (now called Highlighting) importing
  • Illustrations section in Passage Guide

First Quarter 2010

  • Verse lists
  • Word lists
  • Prayer lists
  • Self-tests for courseware
  • Better printing support
  • Full-view reverse interlinears

Second Quarter 2010

  • Personal Book Builder (Improved to use the native book format!)
  • Sentence diagrammer
  • Sermon File
  • Video resources
  • Bibliography
  • Improved external web linking
  • Vocabulary lists
  • Search analysis

Beyond that