Daily Archives: December 21, 2009

Skits and Plays

I present to you, for your enjoyment and maybe even for your use a small collection of skits and plays that I’ve written or used (or in some cases plan to use) at the church which God has given me to serve.

I offer these with a clear disclaimer: I’m not a professional play-write and have no intention of being one. Feel free to post any corrections or suggestions and I’ll edit this up to make it better if I can.
And if YOU have a play or skit to contribute, feel free to do so either in the comments or at my contact form. I wish I were more creative than this, but alas, this is all the gift that God gave me.

I offer my scarcity to you with prayer that the Lord who divided a sack lunch and fed thousands will in some way do the same with my meager offering.


(The Called is sitting in a church pew reading her bible. The Tempter keeps pushing her attention somewhere else. Beside her the phone rings over and over. Finally however, The Called reluctantly answers it while The Tempter grimaces and acts disappointed and angry.)

Called:…Hello? Hello? Excuse me? This is God? THE God? Wow.

Narrator: That’s how it all begins. God is calling and calling for us, but sometimes it takes us awhile to hear the phone. Some notice early in life…some later. Some need to see a burning bush or a blinding light. Others just need to see that their lives are going nowhere and the things they keep pushing aside as interruptions are really a ringing phone. God calling. God trying and trying and trying to get our attention.

Called:: Excuse me, God, I don’t mean to be rude, but why would YOU be calling ME? I mean, don’t you keep pretty busy with all the preachers and the pope and all? Are you sure this isn’t a wrong number? This is just me, here. Hey, are you calling collect?

(The Tempter is clearly agitated and tries to end the conversation by pointing out other interesting things.)

Called:: you want me to do what!? You want me to serve you? Sure, no problem. I’m already in church, I guess I go to the evening service too. How about I attend another bible study? I might even listen to David and sing louder or… oh, don’t sing louder… it’s that bad? I thought you said make a joyful noise? OH, it should be joyful to hear too huh? Well I am awfully busy but I can probably squeeze you in for something somewhere, what’ll it be? Hey, I can join the prayer chain… WHAT!


The Called is a Christian sitting in her pew at church minding her own business. But God calls her, and she has to decide what to do with it.


  • A telephone is required. We actually just let our actress set her cellphone to a really loud and annoying ring tone. It was great as she tried to ignore it and people started wondering when she was going to.
  • A Chair set up facing the audience which the called will sit in.
  • A microphone for both the called (lapel mic is great) and the narrator.
  • a stand: helpful to set the narrator clearly off to the side.