R.W. Dale: The Atonement

I have created a PBB resource of R.W. Dale’s book, The Atonement. You can download it by clicking the attachment link below.

There is a great story about how this book had a profound impact on D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones, the great Welsh pastor/preacher/author. John Stott tells the story that after preaching one Sunday, a minister told Lloyd-Jones that the cross and work of Christ appeared to have little place in his preaching. Lloyd-Jones went immediately to his favorite used bookstore and asked the owner for the two leading works on the Atonement. The owner brought out James Denney’s The Death of Christ (click here to download) and Dale’s, The Atonement.

Lloyd-Jones hunkered down and studied, eschewing all food and causing his wife considerable anxiety that she called her brother and asked if a doctor should be called. Lloyd-Jones emerged later and claimed to have found “the real heart of the gospel and the key to the inner meaning of the Christian faith.” That was 1929. After that time, his preaching changed forever. (See Stott, The Cross of Christ, IVP, 1986, pages 9-10.)

My faith in no small part was shaped by Lloyd-Jones’ masterful sermons on Romans 3:21ff and chapter 5. I am forever indebted to Lloyd-Jones and now, to Denney and Dale as well.

R.W. Dale was an English Nonconformist Congregational minister. You can read his wikipedia bio here.

For a great summary of biblical passages on the work of Christ, see the Appendix, Note B.