BibleWorks 8 Splash Screens

It may not be the most important information you ever read, but there were several splash screens in BibleWorks 7 so I thought it would be fun to try to find out how many were in BibleWorks 8.

First off is the one I’ve seen most often:

I saw this one last night

Followed after another restart by this one:

Saw this one this morning for the first time:

There might be more, but I haven’t seen any yet. I’ll add them here if I catch them though.

Two questions:
1. Why so many restarts?

Because it’s a new program and I keep checking out different features and seeing how restarts affect it or don’t.

2. When do the different screens come up?
At first I thought they were coming up in order, but sometimes they repeat, other times I’ll see one I haven’t seen before (like the water one above). I really don’t know the answer, I’m guessing there’s an algorithm in charge of it, but since this isn’t all that important of a topic I’ll not spend much time researching it.

Pardon me now I have to study.

Figured I’d best start paying attention to the time I see these as I think that’s part of the mix.
8:55 Am
Saw this one at 8:55 AM.