Moody Changes their Name… sorta

As a Moody Alumni I’m always interested in what’s going on with the school. Recently the grad school changed it’s name. Since I’ve been thinking of returning to Seminary lately I read this at first wondering what a name change might mean. For all of the difference it makes it only means reprinting the stationary. Apparently nothing else is changing, just the name.


Effective [August 10, 2009] today, the graduate school of Moody Bible Institute has changed its name to Moody Theological Seminary and Graduate School. This name change more accurately reflects the breadth of degrees and training offered through the graduate program.

“The graduate school was founded more than 20 years ago,” said Dr. Charles Dyer, provost and dean of Education at Moody Bible Institute. “At that time, the word seminary was considered a very pastor-focused term and Moody’s graduate school aims to train a wide-range of ministry leaders in addition to pastors. The perception of that term has since changed, and we feel it more accurately depicts the training our students receive.”

Before the final decision to change the name was made, the graduate school faculty were consulted, and as a group they endorsed the name change. Current graduate students have been informed, and the public should expect to see the name change on materials, signage and the Web site over the next few weeks and months.

“This is a small but exciting change for the graduate school and fits well into the broader strategy for the school’s growth,” said Dr. John Jelinek, vice president and dean of Moody Theological Seminary.

During the initial change, the school will be referred to by its full name, Moody Theological Seminary and Graduate School. Eventually, the common name used will be Moody Theological Seminary. Changing the school’s name will not affect the programs and degrees offered, or the current accreditation. Moody Theological Seminary and Graduate School is accredited with the Higher Learning Commission and the Accrediting Association of Bible Colleges.

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Graduate School Changes Name