On the Road Again – Haiti 2009

Traveling is hard.

No I’m not talking about the lines at the airport (didn’t have any today really). I’m not talking about the high prices, though they are not getting any lower – I’ve been enormously blessed in that my church pays my way as a missionary to teach this Spiritual Warfare Course in Haiti. It has nothing to do with the TSA, any fear of flying (none) or for that matter any of the other things we associate with travel. I will go on record and say that travel is only “romantic” for those who never travel.

No, for me anyway, what makes travel hard is being apart from my family. I’m a homebody to the core. I love my family. I’m passionately in love with my wife. In fact I’m a bit boggled at all of the Hollywood humor which revolves around married couples who practically hate each other. I love my kids. I have four children who brighten my life and who shout “Daddy!” whenever I come home from a simple trip to the store or visitation. I’m looking forward to the next time I hear that cry of joy – it won’t be for almost three weeks.

No, for me without a shadow of doubt the hardest part about travel is leaving. If I was traveling with my family, this trip would be no sacrifice. Yet sacrifice it is for me and sacrifice of a huge magnitude it is for my wife. My journey’s to Haiti have never been free of incident. My wife and I both know this. So she knows when I go that her prayer life needs to “ramp up”. I also know the same is true for my family whom I’ve left behind.

This morning I bid farewell to my family and took off for the airport and beyond. Tomorrow I’ll board another plane which will take me out of the comforts of western society into a world dominated by fear and poverty: the handiwork of Satan and sinful man. This however is why I go.

I carry next to me my aging second-hand laptop computer, my Bible and my class notes. I’ll use the laptop to keep in contact with my family and friends. I’ll use my Bible as I always do – the source of wisdom, knowledge and authority for combating the enemy and setting people free to live for Jesus Christ; not to mention reading it as the precious words of my Father to me. My notes, which every year evolve and expand I’ll try to follow to some degree as I attempt to take a group of men through the journey of learning how to fight the oppression of the enemy, the cravings of the flesh and the howling disobedience of the world.

Victory is the theme I will carry. Family is why I crave already to take up my bags and run home. Obedience to the call of God is why I go.

Pardon me but I think my plane has just arrived; it’s time to follow Jesus.