Will my PBB’s work in L4?

Straight from the CEO I have an answer to the what about PBB’s question. In the Private Beta forums (which are now public) Bob said,

“We ABSOLUTELY intend to support both PBB and SermonFile in a future release. The problem is that PBB in particular uses Internet Explorer for its format and for display. And you’ve all made it clear how you felt about our reliance on IE, :-), so we need to do some serious work to re-do PBB.
This work will take some time, and the big open question is whether or not we can intelligently and automatically conver the HTML in existing PBB’s to our core display engine, and whether or not the inevitable incompatibilities will be acceptable or if we’ll need to require them to be rebulit. (My guess is it’ll be worth rebuilding/recompiling them.)
The good news is future PBB titles will be built using the exact same format/engine as books we offer, meaning you will get infinitely scrolling books and other important features.
We also intend to have an easy way to share your PBB books with others via the web, but that takes so more code on the server side.”
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That’s really good news isn’t it? Of course there are a few caveats that I feel the need to point out.

  • There is potential that the PBB’s will need to be rebuilt – that could pose a problem.
  • There is indication that in the future PBB’s will be hosted at Logos – that’s great news for everyone, though it’s likely to make my readership here drop off. 🙂
  • Finally note that by all appearances there will be no difference between regular books and PBB’s that is the best news of all.

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