To Be Near Unto God

This devotional classic offers 110 meditations on a single thought from Psalm 73: “As for me, it is good to be near to God.” The author states, “The fellowship of being near unto God must become reality . . . it must permeate and give color to our feeling, our perceptions, our sensations, our thinking, our imagining, our willing, our acting, our speaking. It must not stand as a foreign factor in our life, but it must be the passion that breathes throughout our whole existence.” The meditations reflect the blending of spiritual vigor with doctrinal loyalty so consistently expressed in the life of Abraham Kuyper. These are devotions with true substance, avoiding the extremes about which Kuyper adds a word of caution: “Stress in creedal confession, without drinking from the Living Fountain, runs dry in barren orthodoxy, just as truly as spiritual emotion, without clearness in confessional standards, makes one sink in the bog of sickly mysticism.” This treasure of inspiration is supplemented with a complete index of Scripture texts.

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