Allan MacRae

MacRae, Allan Alexander (1902-1997)

For a full biographical sketch let me refer you to where you’ll find Andrew M. McGinnis has done an admiral job summarizing his remarkable life. Here is a brief quotation from that page.

“Biographical Sketch of Allan A. MacRae by Andrew M. McGinnis [August 2007] Allan Alexander MacRae (1902-1997) was one of a few of individuals whose longevity allowed him to experience the glories of old Princeton Seminary, the battles of the fundamentalist-modernist controversy, the rise of American evangelicalism and conservatism, and the establishment of three theological seminaries. As a result, his lifetime of correspondence is a virtual “Who’s Who” of 20 th century evangelicalism. He communicated with such notables as Robert Dick Wilson, J. Gresham Machen, Lewis Sperry Chafer, Carl F. H. Henry, Francis Schaeffer, J. I. Packer, Bruce Waltke, three Buswells, two Bob Joneses, and two Marsdens. As a teacher, scholar, administrator and Presbyterian churchman, MacRae lived a relationally well-connected life through all the changing scenes of the last century.”
PCA Historical Center: Allan A. MacRae Papers [MS 63]

I’m grateful for Andrew’s summary of MacRae’s life and I hope it provides you with the information you’ll need to make a decision about owning his works.