Charles Bridges

Bridges, Charles, MA (1794 – 1869)

“Charles Bridges was a preacher and theologian in the Church of England, and a leader of that denomination’s Evangelical Party. As a preacher he was well-regarded by his contemporaries, but is remembered today for his literary contributions….

Literary works

At least twenty-four editions of Bridges’ Exposition of Psalm 119 (1827) were published in his lifetime. C. H. Spurgeon considered the commentary to be ‘worth its weight in gold’. Spurgeon also pronounced Bridges’ Exposition of Proverbs (1840) ‘The best work on the Proverbs’.


Exposition of Psalm 119 (1827)
The Christian Ministry (1829)
Memoir of Mary Jane Graham (c. 1834)
Forty-eight Scriptural Studies (1837)
Exposition of Proverbs (1840)
A Manual for the Young (1849)
Exposition of Ecclesiastes (1860)
Correspondence (posthumous, 1870)”
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