PBB Updater: Configuration

The Configure tab may be used to view what the current storage directories are, and to set a custom location. This will configure a root level directory under which the standard directory layout will be implemented.

For example, the standard location (on Vista) for resources is C:\Users\\Documents. Under this directory, two directories will be created if they do not exist.

1. Libronix DLS
2. Libronix Resources

The PBB files will be organized and placed under Libronix Resources, while all other files will be organized and placed (as defined by Logos version 3 standard locations) under Libronix DLS.

If a custom storage location is set, it may be removed simply by clearing out the text box and clicking “Update Custom Storage Directory.” In order to set the custom storage location, you may either click the “..” button and browse to the location or you may type in the existing directory – and then click “Update Custom Storage Directory.”

Once changed, all new downloads will go to this new directory. Upon the next start of the PBB Updater – all resources located in the standard location will now show up under “Needs to Move” in order to be moved to the new location. Any resources already in the new, custom location will be inventoried upon the next start of the PBB Updater.