PBB Updater Help Documentation

Welcome to the documentation for the PBB Updater.

What is the PBB Updater and why is StillTruth.com hosting these resources? The PBB Updater is a utility to simplify the process of downloading and organizing the public domain books that are available for the Logos Libronix System. These resources are built by people who donate their time and resources to make this public information available to those who do not wish to spend money on the resources. As such, these PBB books are not as fully featured and capable as the resources that may be purchased from Logos. But they are searchable and readable.

StillTruth.com is hosting these resources in an attempt to provide a single location for people to come to when searching for free resources for Logos. StillTruth.com is not affiliated with Logos, nor is it subsidized by Logos. The resources that are available here – and this utility – are not built by, nor supported by the Logos team. The resources and the utility are made by people who see a need and use their own abilities to try to fill that need.

In the following pages, it is our goal to provide information that can be used from here at StillTruth.com and from the PBB Updater to understand what the updater does and how to use it. Additionally, other information may be provided on how to configure the updater or the Logos software to work better.