Scene 2

Mary can now be seen in the house sweeping. Gabriel enters from the side and stands on the box centerstage. Joseph enters and sits on a chair sleeping.

The Annunciation

Narrator: Now, when God was read to give Jesus to the world, He chose a good and pure woman named Mary to be his mother. Mary lived in the village of Nazareth and was engaged to be married to Joseph. Joseph was a carpenter and a pure and godly man.
One day when Mary was alone, God sent the angel Gabriel to appear before her.
Gabriel:Greetings, Mary. The Lord is with you and you are highly favored!
Mary comes forward and looks up at Gabriel. She looks frightened at first.
Narrator: Mary was at first frightened and confused by this greeting of the Angel of God. But then Gabriel told her that God had chosen her to give birth to Jesus.
Gabriel: Fear not Mary, for you are special in God’s eyes. And behold, he has chosen you to bring forth a son. And you shall call him Jesus. And he will be called the Son of God. And his Kingdom shall have no end.
Narrator: Mary did not understand exactly how this would happen but the angel told her it would be God’s son. With great faith she replied…
Mary is now looking up and smiling.
Mary: I will obey God’s will. Let it be done just as you have said!
Narrator:Joseph was troubled by Mary’s pregnancy and determined not to mary her. After he had decided this God sent Gabriel to Joseph in a dream.
Gabriel: Looks down at Joseph Joseph, God has chosen you to be the father of his son, Jesus. And Mary will be his mother.

Joseph rises, clasps his hands, and looks up to the heavens. Then he and MARY walk to center stage and hold each other’s hands, looking into each other’s eyes. GABRIEL exits
Narrator:When Joseph awoke, he went to Mary with joy in his heart. Both Mary and Joseph had heard that God’s son would be coming and they were overjoyed to be chosen by God to be his parents. And so Mary and Joseph went back to living their quiet lives, keeping God’s secret only between themselves.