Scene 4


Shepherds enter and flop down, followed by angels who deliver the message
Narrator:That same night there were shepherds watching their flocks of sheep on the steep hills surrounding Bethlehem. The shepherds were poor men who wore rough, simple clothing. For them, nights were usually dark, cold and lonely.

GABRIEL enters from left. He stands on a box, center
Narrator:But the night that Jesus was born, the angel Gabriel suddenly appeared above them in the sky.

The THREE SHEPHERDS point up at GABRIEL, then back up, frightened, and hold their crooks in front of them for protection.
Narrator: The shepherds had never seen an angel, and they were frightened. But the Angel of God soon comforted them, saying …
Gabriel: Fear not, good shepherds, for I have wonderful news! Today, in the city of Bethlehem, a child was born. This child shall grow up to be our king – not just any king, but the KING of ALL kings – the world’s savior!
Shepherd:Please tell us where we can find him!
Gabriel:You shall find the babe wrapped in swaddling clothes and lying in a manger.
All the angels Enter and face the shepherds
Narrator: Then suddenly a whole host – a multitude – of heavenly angels appeared in the sky! And they heralded, or announced, the news of the baby Jesus. “Glory to the newborn king!” they exclaimed. “He shall bring peace and goodwill to all men!”
Angels and Congregation: Hark the Herald angels sing H#277
The Angels leave as the shepherds stand
Shepherd: Let’s go to bethlehem!
Another shepherd:Yes! Let us see this wondrous child that God has told us about!
The shepherds walk towards the stable and enter from the back and stand near Jesus looking down at him. Mary and Joseph are kneeling.
Narrator: The shepherds were the first to see and worship the baby Jesus. They had no gift to bring him they had only their faith. For God, faith is enough.
The Shepherds fall to their knees, raise their arms and press their palms together in prayer.
Narrator:Immediately filled with Joy, the shepherds went and told everyone what they had seen.
The Shepherds go through the congregation shouting:Great joy, the savior has come!
Shepherds and congregation: Joy To The World H#270