We’ve Found a Patch

imovieHere’s to another Wikipedia traffic increase. Recently someone sent me the information on how to patch the new iMovie ’09 on a G4 Mac. Here’s the HexEdit instructions you will need:

position:NEW value
15fb9c: 4E 80 00 20
15fc7c: 4E 80 00 20
15fe00: 4E 80 00 20

I don’t have an actual patch file yet since I have personally not tested this on my PowerBook (I actually don’t even have iLife ’09 yet, will order soon). However, if anyone would like to send that patch my way after testing this I would be happy to receive it so I can post it here.

As noted above, I have not tested this personally as of yet, so I am unable to completely verify as to whether this works and if so, how well. My sources tell me “it should”.

Until next time, take care!


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