Daily Archives: June 30, 2010

Fixing our heart first

In the beginning, when God created the heavens and the earth, he also created Adam and Eve. They were sinless in their initial state. But when God gave them a command not to eat a given fruit, through temptation and choice they both rebelled against God’s command and sin and it’s penalty of death entered the world through the one man Adam. Every descendant of his is tainted not only with original sin but with personal sin as well; and thus every descendant of Adam needs salvation which they cannot make on their own. But God being rich in mercy sent his only Son to take on humanity and to live a perfect life, so that he might be a substitute. Jesus the Son of God died upon a cross without sin, but he paid the death penalty, not only in his flesh but in his spiritual separation from God so that we who have sinned could gain his righteousness. God has so decreed that if anyone believes in Jesus Christ and receives Him, our sins are forgiven and our death sentence is paid. I believe in Jesus Christ and have come to Him as my savior and my Lord.

This is a simple gospel, it is the very power of God to save souls when they believe. It is also a simple task to witness to this gospel – though we are sinfully reluctant to do so.

A year or two ago, I gave you a card and asked you to write down at least three to five names of people whom you either did not know if they knew Jesus Christ or you wanted to Know if they did or you had reason to suspect they did not. The goal was that we would both pray for them and share Christ with them.