Daily Archives: August 27, 2010

Getting into the Original Languages

The more time I spend studying the Word, the more I desire to be able to competently handle the original languages. This desire comes out of a goal of wanting to rightly handle the Word of Truth. I see this as a life long process that will enable me to read and understand what the better commentaries are talking about, but not simply take their opinion at face value, but be able to go back to the text and see it for myself. It will also allow me to better understand why things are translated the way they appear in our English versions and get a better handle on why translators have made certain decisions.

This series is not specifically about teaching you Greek or Hebrew, but about sharing my journey into the Languages, reviewing books, websites or other tools or techniques I have found helpful. Along the way though I may well write about some language / grammar specific topics in a general way pointing you to resources to further explore the topic. It would be great to here from you your experiences and resources, tools or techniques you have found helpful or maybe not so helpful.