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Verizon Wireless MiFi Review

Review of the Verizon Wireless Novatel MiFi 2200 If you know me personally, you know I’m a huge Apple fan. I absolutely love my Unibody MacBook Pro, loved my PowerBook before giving it to my mother to use, loved my iPhone 3G (which is also my mother’s now) and absolutely love my iPhone 4 (plus I do have an Apple TV and am eyeballing an iPad and iPod). My iPhone 4 is spectacular. The almuinosilicate glass makes it extremely durable (and the olephobic coating makes cleaning it a breeze), the Retina Display screams WOW when I turn on the iPhone, it’s remarkably faster than the 3G thanks to the A4 processor, increased RAM, and HSPA 7.2 and HSUPA additions, and the new antenna gives me better coverage than I ever had with the 3G. Top it off with the integrated gyroscope that allows me to use an app to control my mouse cursor during presentations, the HD video camera and 5MP still camera with flash, and FaceTime, and I’m pretty much thrilled to be an iPhone user. And that’s just in the hardware. Multitasking, iBooks, iMovie, and all the other innovations released with iOS 4 have made being an iPhone user even better. And I’m also a very happy AT&T […]

iPhone Tip: Porting Over Your Visual Voicemail

When I was in the AT&T Store ordering my iPhone 4, my AT&T Sales Rep gave me a really neat tip concerning Visual Voicemail. He showed me the 45-second way to port all of your messages over from Visual Voicemail on your old iPhone to your new iPhone. This won’t port over your custom greetings (you’ll still have to re-record those), but at least you won’t lose all of your voicemails if you try these steps: Dial 611 (the free number to call AT&T’s Wireless Customer Care line) Press 1 (Confirm the wireless number) Press 3 Press 3 Enter your Zip Code Hangup and go back to your Visual Voicemail Enter a new password That’s all! Your Visual Voicemail will be successfully ported over to your new iPhone! Coming up soon I’ll be giving you a review of a little device that has been a lifesaver giving my iPhone the additional coverage boost I need, as well as blogging about the I-Beam of Messaging Building Manual, and since Logos 4 Mac is right around the corner, I’ll have my full evaluation of it as soon as its out! Stay tuned for more! Nathan Parker

Free Logos 4 T-Shirts

Logos Bible Software is giving away free T-Shirts to Logos users. All you have to do is pay for shipping (understandable), and tell friends about the free shirts on your Facebook or Twitter page (or in this case, my favorite Bible software blog). The shirts come in blue or green (click on one of those color links to order your free shirt), and they have a big 4 on them with an exclamation mark (also looks great when running Logos on your new iPhone 4). The key is, get one while you can, they’re going fast. I already had to settle for green since they were all out of blue in my size, so they’re one fast going item. In addition, Logos for Mac is already in RC stage, with RC3 out now. It’s getting very stable and very close to the big day (and I’m getting more and more excited by the day). Once Logos for Mac is out, I’ll be posting my full review right here!