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Free Logos 4 T-Shirts

Logos Bible Software is giving away free T-Shirts to Logos users. All you have to do is pay for shipping (understandable), and tell friends about the free shirts on your Facebook or Twitter page (or in this case, my favorite Bible software blog). The shirts come in blue or green (click on one of those color links to order your free shirt), and they have a big 4 on them with an exclamation mark (also looks great when running Logos on your new iPhone 4).

The key is, get one while you can, they’re going fast. I already had to settle for green since they were all out of blue in my size, so they’re one fast going item.

In addition, Logos for Mac is already in RC stage, with RC3 out now. It’s getting very stable and very close to the big day (and I’m getting more and more excited by the day). Once Logos for Mac is out, I’ll be posting my full review right here!

Bible software for the Android platform

I currently use Android on two different platforms, my HTC Touch Pro cell phone using the XDAndroid 2.1 Test Platform and my Eken M001 tablet using Android 1.6.
[amazon B003O0T8KG full]

(As an aside, I do NOT recommend the tablet above to anyone who is not a tech hobbist. It requires a firmware upgrade to a non-official version to be truely useful. I think good Android tablets will be coming out late this year, but the ones available right now just aren’t there yet.)

First off, You can always pick up a e-book program like Kindle for Android to read and keep your bibles, devotionals, and such there, but your choices of books may be lacking and they are not linked together in any manner… If you just want a bible reader, this is probably the route you want to go.

When using a cell phone, you will have smaller screen, but will probably always have a data connection. So far, I have found the YouVersion app the best for online bible reading on cell phones. It has many versions available online for free you would have to buy if you kept them local. It only does bibles though. Biblia offers you a subset of your Logos collection, but I found the browser in Android did not always work correctly. (I tried both the built in browser and Opera Mini 5.) The older mobile bible site for Logos worked ok, but YouVersion offered a better selection of Bibles. If Biblia starts working with the Android browser correctly, it will probably be the best choice for a tablet.

YouVersion – Web – (Special App available via Android Market)
Biblia – Web – (Also see

On Being An Ordinary Pastor

I’m an ordinary pastor. Believe it or not much less than 100 people call me “pastor” because they see me every Sunday – though I’m grateful that others I see less often still call me pastor. I’ve never written a book, though I am trying to do so. I’ve never spoken in a conference, though I’m open to invites. I sit around pastors with much much larger churches and feel completely inadequate to even be in the same room.

I’m friends with a not so ordinary pastor. He pastor’s one of the larger churches in the city just twenty-five miles north of me. I love to sit down to coffee with him because he doesn’t treat me like I’m less important. We dialogue. We share the types of conversations that every pastor knows about and he claims he appreciates me as much as I appreciate Him.
But still, I was greatly encouraged when I came across this phenomenal post by the gospel coalition which forms the beginning of a project honoring the ordinary pastors. By name when possible.

There is much more at the site, but here’s the part that made a lump form in my throat today.