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Seminary in the Duluth, GA, Area

Sorry I’ve been away for a bit. I’ve been out sick for a couple weeks and away writing a technology brief for my company, but it’s good to get back on the blog again and submit something. I hope to offer a full review of Logos Bible Software 4 for Mac soon as well as some other interesting tidbits, but in the meantime I thought I’d post something short until I can bounce back into full time blogging. One of my professors told me to spread the word about this seminary in Duluth, GA, called the American Leadership Seminary. The website is For those in the Duluth, GA, area looking at attending a Christian college or seminary, this one’s highly recommended from one of my professors, so it must be a fine institution. Of course for those looking in the Lithonia, GA, area, Luther Rice University is a great college as well (and they have excellent online courses, which I know from firsthand experience). And another good Bible college that I’m sure Tom would recommend is Moody. So there’s some good choices out there for those looking for solid Biblical training. If you’re in the Duluth, GA, area, check it out! Nathan Parker

Portfolio Edition

* Portfolio: $4,290

* Ratio of scholarly to non-scholarly works: 6
* Ratio of research works to non-research works: 5
* Subject range: 6 (only because it’s mainly focussed on textual criticism and original language tools)
* Contains resources not freely or more cheaply available elsewhere:5
* Value for money: 6

Scholar’s Library: Gold

* Scholar’s Library Gold: $1,379.95

* Ratio of scholarly to non-scholarly works: 5
* Ratio of research works to non-research works: 4
* Subject range:5
* Contains resources not freely or more cheaply available elsewhere: 5
* Value for money: 5

This is as good as it gets in terms of value for money, if you can’t spend more than this. It’s also a dramatically more expensive collection. This is a huge amount of money to spend on a single research library, but taking a closer look you can see where the money is. There’s simply nothing else on the market which comes close to this, from what I have seen, at this price point (Portfolio is another story). It contains everything in the Scholar’s Library Silver, as well as:

* Context Of Scripture: $300 An old favourite returns