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Luke 1:18-25 The Contentment of Faith or the Judgement of Doubt?

Have you ever suffered from Foot-in-Mouth disease? It’s the sort of thing that happens when you talk faster than you think – which is all too common these days.

Have you ever suffer from a faith crisis? It’s the sort of thing that happens when what God says he’ll do is not the same as what you think he can do.

Both of these happened to our our friend, the priest Zacharias in the gospel of Luke 1:18-25, please read this with me.

The audacity of Unbelief!

Remember where this started,with the obvious righteousness of Zechariah and Elizabeth as well with their obvious inability to answer their own prayers. Zachariah looks back at his situation and despite the fact that an angel is standing right there in front of him, he sees his human condition as greater than the word of God!

Luke 1:13-17 God is Gracious

When the angel Gabriel came and spoke to Zacharias he brought wonderful news. He and his wife who were now too old to have children were going to have a son, his name was to be John. His very name, "John" means, "Jehovah has been gracious; Jehovah has graciously given" 1or simply, “the grace…of the Lord” 2We know him as John the baptist and we have some idea about who he was and what he did. But try for just a moment to consider the perspective of this old priest standing in the holy place in the temple hearing that he was going to have a son who’s name proclaims God’s grace.

Of course the first thing we usually think of when a baby is to be born is joy. Never a truer word was spoken for these parents. But their great joy is not just for a child – that would not necessarily cause many to rejoice at his birth. This child is different, it is his name which points to the great grace and Mercy of God about to be revealed.

There are three different and very distinct words in use here expressing various shades of rejoicing. The first ( χαρά ) is translated joy and represents that exuberant yet fleeting happiness which we are all familiar with. 3The second (ἀγαλλίασις)

Snagit Arrives on the Mac

Techsmith’s popular screen capturing utility Snagit finally debuted on the Mac last week. I’ve been beta testing it from its early stages, so Techsmith sent us early beta testers a free license. It’s been great seeing it through the beta and now as a final product.

Snagit makes it easy to not only capture one’s computer screen, but also includes powerful annotation tools that make spicing up screen captures simple. It’s perfect for building written tutorials or in areas where one needs to visually enhance their screen captures and quickly send them to various destinations. For quick and easy captures, there’s of course their excellent Jing application, and for simple and powerful screencasting, there’s Camtasia Studio for Windows and Camtasia for Mac (I use Camtasia for Mac for all of my professional screencasting projects).

As Logos Bible Software did with Logos 4 for Mac, Techsmith is celebrating the launch of Snagit for Mac with a giveaway. You can find all of the details here. Prizes include a MacBook Pro, an iPad, iPod Touch, and some Apple Store Gift Cards.

So checkout Snagit for Mac today and enjoy powerful screen capturing as easy as a Mac!