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Luke 1:18-25 The Contentment of Faith or the Judgement of Doubt?

Have you ever suffered from Foot-in-Mouth disease? It’s the sort of thing that happens when you talk faster than you think – which is all too common these days.

Have you ever suffer from a faith crisis? It’s the sort of thing that happens when what God says he’ll do is not the same as what you think he can do.

Both of these happened to our our friend, the priest Zacharias in the gospel of Luke 1:18-25, please read this with me.

The audacity of Unbelief!

Remember where this started,with the obvious righteousness of Zechariah and Elizabeth as well with their obvious inability to answer their own prayers. Zachariah looks back at his situation and despite the fact that an angel is standing right there in front of him, he sees his human condition as greater than the word of God!