Daily Archives: April 16, 2011

Review: ProPresenter 4

Recently our church decided to upgrade our video graphics system due to the fact that our old graphics system was showing its age. After much research, we decided to go with a MacBook Pro for our hardware and RenewedVision’s ProPresenter 4 for our worship presentation software. We chose a MacBook Pro due to the fact that, for starters, since I would be overseeing much of the IT-related functions at the church, I’d rather work with a Mac because of the simplicity and reliability, as well as the Mac came pre-installed with software we’d need to use in the future, be more compatible with software we’d need to run in the future, and as I mentioned above, the simplicity and reliability of the platform just makes our work easier.

ProPresenter was one of the main non-linear worship graphics presentation software applications available for Mac, and it’s truly currently the gold standard in non-linear worship presentation software, cross-platform (we’re also beta testing Proclaim from Logos, which does look excellent, but it’s far from being ready for production yet, we also loaded PowerPoint and Keynote on the Mac for running static slideshows when we need it).

One of the nice features of ProPresenter is that it is a cross-platform application. This is especially helpful for users purchasing a site license, due to the fact that with our church site license, we can install ProPresenter on multiple machines, both Windows PC’s and Macs! This allows us to be on one standard software platform no matter who at the church needs to run ProPresenter on any platform.