Daily Archives: April 19, 2011

Luke 1:39-45 10 Responses to Being Filled With The Spirit

We often hear about being filled with the Spirit. We don’t want to confuse that will having some kind of an ecstatic experience where we lose control of our body and flail around on the ground. There’s no work of God like that in the Scriptures. Neither is being filled with the Spirit a mystical experience reserved only for the prophets. Above all we do not want to ignore what it means to have God working in and through us in the power and presence of His Spirit.
It is a vital doctrine that when a sinner comes to God and repents of sin, believing in Jesus Christ that as that person turns from sinner to saint, he is forgiven by God and at that moment the Spirit of God comes and dwells within them. Every Believer in Jesus Christ has God’s Spirit living in them. Being filled with the Spirit is a way of describing not only the active leading of God in us, but the active obedience of us to God.
In this passage and beyond I want you to notice three specific Spirit filling events. First of all, The unborn Baby John the Baptist is filled with the Spirit (Luke 1:15); Second then Elizabeth His mother is filled with the Spirit (Luke 1:41) and finally, in a section we hope to look to next week, Mary the Mother of Jesus is filled with the Spirit (1:46ff) and erupts in spontaneous song.
As Christians we are spirit filled people, because the Spirit of God is in you and I. But what difference does it make? While it isn’t the scope of this morning’s message to uncover all that is meant regarding the Spirit filled life, I do want us to turn to Luke 1:39-45 and to witness in this greeting 10 responses to being filled with the Spirit. Please turn to and read with me, Luke 1:39-45.