Daily Archives: April 28, 2011

Luke 1:46-56 Mary Worship (Part 1)

What makes worship worship? Worship at it’s core is about elevating God, it’s about recounting his glory and finding joy in Him. When we look at worship in the scriptures it covers a wide breadth of forms but these things are consistent in them all.
If you turn to Luke 1:46-56 you will encounter Mary’s song which is usually called “The Magnificat” because in the Latin translation, Magnificat is the first word of the song. Very early on, the early church began using this song in Christian worship.1
As we prepare to read this together, please notice how much of Mary’s song is past tense but still refers to future events from her time. Her song is therefore both worship for the moment as well as prophecy of the future on top of an eager faithful expectation of what God will do because it is what He said He would do.
Let’s read this one together. Please stand as you are able and hear then the word of the Lord, Luke 1:46-56.

True Worship Happens in the Heart

The first line of the song calls out “My soul exalts the Lord!” To exalt God is literally just to declare that he is great. But it’s not just what it said about God that we should see here. It is after all Mary’s soul that exalts the Lord, not merely her lips. This is worship of the very core of her being – not lip-service.
Looking at it this week has had me asking myself a question I now share with you. “Am I worshiping God with my soul or just with my lips? Does God feel inclined to say of me, ‘these people honor me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me!’” (Isaiah 29:13)