Daily Archives: August 13, 2011

The Perseus Project in Logos…For Free

The Perseus CollectionThe Perseus Project at Tufts University has long been a useful source of searching and comparison even from within Logos 3. Now something truly unique has happened as Logos Bible Software has apparently gotten the rights to distribute over 3000 of these works in Logos format for free.
I won’t even bother to list the titles – but here are the six collections this massive collection has been broken into.

Perseus Classics Collection (1,114 vols.)
Perseus Arabic Collection (39 vols.)
Duke Databank of Documentary Papyri (256 vols.)
Perseus Renaissance Collection (22 vols.)
Perseus Civil War and 19th Century American Collection (340 vols.)
Richmond Times-Dispatch (1,355 vols.)

So how can you get them? Click those links and then place your order – you’ll get them in the order the orders are placed. Oh, did I mention they were free?