Logos 4.2a, Logos 4 “KF”, and BibleWorks and WORDsearch Book Partnership

Logos Bible Software has recently released another free update to their software, known as 4.2a. Both the PC and Mac versions receive the following features in this update:

  • By Count search results
  • Download Scheduler (allows you to choose when to update the software)
  • Illustrations section added to Passage Guide (pastor’s are going to welcome this feature back!)
  • Release Notes link and list of Resources Updated now on Home Page

Furthermore, the Mac version receives a few features to bring its feature parity more on par with the PC version. Mac users can now enjoy:

  • Printing
  • Sentence Diagramming
  • Resource Column (paged) view

as well as some additional minor enhancements.

If you haven’t yet updated your version of Logos to the new 4.2a update, you really should do so now since it’s got some nice little refinements in it that’s going to make your Bible software experience more pleasurable, as well as Mac users are getting closer to having most of the features as their PC-touting brethren.

Logos has also released a new version of their collection lineup, known as release “KF” (going from LE). This free upgrade (for those upgrading in place from a current Logos 4 collection) includes a revised version of the NIV Bible from Zondervan (as well as an update to the TNIV and all the NIV reverse-interlinears I believe), as well as other free books such as the NET Bible Notes, Logos LXX Variants and its corresponding reverse interlinear, and the Book of Common Prayer Lectionary. In order to grab the free upgrade, simply go to logos.com/upgrade, and login. If it shows a free upgrade available, then you qualify for the upgrade and simply need to add it to the cart, checkout, then run “Update Now” in Logos 4 to receive the new books. If there is not a free upgrade showing up under your account, then it probably means you either already have the KF release, or you haven’t yet upgraded to a Logos 4 base package in order to qualify for an upgrade, which means it’s time to upgrade so you can take advantage of all the latest Logos 4 features.

For those of us who are on Logos 4, and if you haven’t yet checked to order the free upgrade, check it out today and see what free books you qualify for!

In other news, WORDsearch and BibleWorks have announced a partnership that’s going to be extremely beneficial for BibleWorks users (and one that many would never have imagined in this post-STEP era). WORDsearch is releasing many of its titles in a format that can be read in the BibleWorks app. So for BibleWorks users who have been painstakingly needing some of WORDsearch’s resources, some of them are now available in BibleWorks format. Users simply need to visit wordsearchbible.com/bibleworks to checkout the list of titles and purchase and download them in BibleWorks format today! There’s a good start of titles available, with more on the way shortly. It’s a fantastic partnership between two Christian companies that many of us would have never dreamed would happen now that common file formats between Bible software have broken up in this day and age.

All in all, great news on the Bible software front for Logos users with a free update and a free upgrade, and excellent news on the BibleWorks front for those wishing to own some WORDsearch titles in BibleWorks format. I hope you’ve enjoyed this round of Bible software news, and check back for more news as it comes in!