Truth for Today

I hope everyone is having a blessed Easter season and will have a blessed Resurrection Sunday tomorrow! I’ll keep my post short this week so everyone can rest in the blessed hope of the Resurrection this weekend.

As you’ve heard from previous posts, one of my favorite pastors I enjoy listening to is Dr. Neal Jackson of Beulah Baptist Church in Bennett, NC. Well, I’m happy to announce that Dr. Jackson can now be seen on the television through his new broadcast ministry, Truth for Today. Please take a moment to visit his website and learn when Truth for Today is broadcasting in your area, as you will truly receive a blessing each week with Dr. Jackson’s verse-by-verse expository preaching straight from the Word of God. I’ve set my DVR to record his messages each week, and I hope you’ll tune in each week! You’ll sure be glad you did!

Have a blessed Easter and Resurrection Sunday!