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Why doesn’t God act to stop mass shootings?

Over the past few weeks, I’ve seen a number of family & friends share on facebook photos, even videos, of joyous family times, putting up their Christmas tree. Christmas, as the song goes “it’s the most wonderful time of the year”. That has all changed in a most horrific way for family, friends, front-line responders and the community in general in Connecticut today with the school shooting tragedy. It has impacted not just that community, but individuals communities across America and around the world. One of the burning questions in all of this is where is God ? Why didn’t he act to stop this violence ? Why doesn’t he stop all violence?

In the lead up to Christmas some people have an advent Christmas calendar, where each day you open up a little door to reveal a treat, usually a sweet or chocolate. But for some Advent is much more that this, it’s a Latin term that simply refers to the concept of ‘coming’, and is a time to reflect upon and prepare for the coming of Christ. For some faith traditions it is a time period on the church calendar in which you focus on specific scripture readings, for others faith traditions, it is a little less formal, and maybe not even considered a tradition as such, and may be a time where some choose to reflect on the Christmas story in their personal time with God as they read the scriptures in the lead up to Christmas.

Video Blogging?

It’s been a busy summer for me! I’ve recently moved back to my hometown in Hot Springs, Arkansas, from Demorest, Georgia, and finally got settled back in and just kicked off fall semester in seminary last week. Sorry I’ve been yet again unresponsive on the blog, but I’ll have to say the last few months have been a major learning experience during the move! With that said, here’s a little predicament I’m in, but might actually turn out to be a fun new adventure for my blog posts. First of all, I’m really wishing to blog at least once a week or every other week. It’s something I enjoy doing, and I love blogging and sharing information with you. However, typing up long blog entries on a regular basis is time consuming, and really more time consuming than what I have time for. So I’m wanting to come up with a better solution. I’d like to get your thoughts on it. I’m considering starting a weekly or every other week “video blog” right here. It’ll feature all the same content I’m wanting to put into written form, but in a more interactive, visual way. It’s also much less time consuming for me to shoot and upload a video each week […]

Logos 4 for Android and the Nexus 7

I am very excited! I recently upgraded my phone to the Epic Touch 4g (Samsung Galaxy II) and my tablet to an Asus (Google) Nexus 7, just in time for Notes and Markup support for the Android version of Logos.

I have been using Libronix (Logos 3) on my Netbook in my Precept classes because the number of Markups I have makes Logos 4 too slow on a low end system. I like the Netbook because of the battery life and the size. So the idea I could switch to a tablet (and a bluetooth keyboard) and start using Logos 4 full time is very appealing.

Warning: Markups and Notes are still in Beta. So far at least, you need an active internet connection for these features, and if you use as many Notes and Markups as me, it is kinda slow to pull up everything… I really recommend you turn off Notes under Settings on a phone.

Testing continues….