Daily Archives: January 1, 2012

Begin With Forgiveness

Begin with your own Forgiveness

Today as we celebrate communion, we celebrate our own forgiveness. It is a great way to start a new year. Every year the new year’s resolutions people cling to for a few weeks are the hope of making a fresh start. They express the desire we all hold to make each year better than the one before it. But resolutions usually fall sooner rather than later, and the New Year energy is replaced with the drudging move through winter’s cold months and into another year more or less just like the last. This morning we ought to start with something other than resolutions. We’ll start with something more lasting, indeed something that is by its very nature: Permanent! Today we begin with forgiveness. And we will begin by talking about our own forgiveness.
Communion as a celebration for us serves as the proper place to start talking about forgiveness for what it is. Forgiveness goes way beyond telling someone “I’m sorry.” And it goes way beyond responding with, “That’s OK, I forgive you.” When someone has apologized. Forgiveness has a much deeper meaning, application and cost to us than the cheapness of words which can be stated without any fact behind them. After all, God does know the difference between what we say and what we mean, but often times we do not know ourselves the fullness of what we are asking.