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Personal Books

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Logos Personal books now link to L3 format PBB (*.lbxoeb) and where available the source files for Logos 4’s Personal Books (*.docx). Logos Bible Software is all about easier Bible study. It consists of a free software engine (the Libronix Digital Library System), addin modules that provide specialized functionality, and collections of electronic books targeted to your needs.The Libronix books on this site were created with the Personal Book Builder- Standard EditionTo read them you need to have a PBB reading Key. Electronic books built with the PBB will be readable only by users who have a Libronix PBB Reading Key. The reading key is free and is available only to users who own one of the boxed products (e.g. Scholar’s Library: Silver, Scholar’s Library, Original Languages Library, Leaders Library, Bible Study Library, Christian Home Library, Or The Spanish Library.) This key is included with the Personal Book Builder and has been included in boxed Logos Bible Software collections since the QB release. It is not included in free downloadable viewers. Users who own a boxed product predating the QB release can determine their eligibility for the free reading key and download it here. (The Private Use Edition is licensed for building books that will only work on the system that built them; the […]