Monthly Archives: September 2013

Please Help My Security Software Provider!

For all of my security software needs, I use Thirtyseven4. They offer excellent security software at affordable prices, and it feels great getting to support a Christian company in the process. They really need some help right now. They’re competing for an advertising spot, and they need people to vote for them in order to make it to the next round. They’re already in one of the lists of finals (I believe). So I’m asking my readers to please visit this link: Take a few sections to vote for them, and please share the link with your family and friends. If Thirtyseven4 wins, they’ll be able to run their ad out there promoting a Christian-based company, which would be an excellent testimony. I sure hope they win. While you’re there, have a look around at Thirtyseven4. They’ve been protecting all of my machines since I switched to them earlier this year, and I can speak from experience that it’s been great having them as my security software provider. Thank you all for your assistance with this! Sorry for the infomercial, but I believe it helping another Christian company spread their testimony. Thanks again!

Leadership Seminary

One of my professors sent me a link to a leadership seminary he’s teaching at and asked me to spread the word, so I’m doing just that for him! Here’s his message: “ALIS is an online school of leadership. Ir was started by Dr. Borek when he was President of LRU. We offer Certificates in Leadership (9 months, about $ 1200.00) and BL, ML, DMIN.” If this is something that interests you, feel free to check it out in your free time!

Simple College: The Process Driven College

Just some random musings I thought I’d share…and it turns out this is the 100th post on the new blog too. Nice! When I first entered Bible College at Luther Rice University in 2009, I was extremely new to applying for college, registering for courses, etc. I didn’t understand the difference between undergraduate and graduate courses, college credit hours, etc. (in fact, I still don’t completely understand it all!). It would have been great if someone would have given me a guide explaining how to transition into the college registration process and how to understand exactly what I was registering for. In addition, upon entering Bible College at Luther Rice University, I was handed a “status sheet” listing all of the courses I needed to take in order to complete my degree program. The goal of the “status sheet” was (and is) basically “Complete all of the courses on the sheet and when you’re finished, you graduate. You can complete most of them in any order you wish, but as long as you fill up the sheet, you graduate with a degree”. That’s how I’ve taken all of my classes through the past few years in Bible College. This is also how pretty much every college and seminary functions today, […]