Daily Archives: September 4, 2013

The old NIV is gone.

The NIV is no more. Well the old one that is. The new NIV is filled with more translation decisions that I don’t like. Some of my dislike, I confess, is born of familiarity. But not all of it. Caveat: No I have not read the whole of the new NIV and compared every verse, but I have done some. My rejection of the NIV as my primary Bible translation is older. I haven’t actively read the NIV for a significant amount of time. I stopped using the NIV years ago when I was translating and preaching through Romans. I kept finding so many obviously interpretive translation decisions which I felt should have gone the other way that I opted for the NASB (1995 update). Translation is Treason It is worth noting that I’ve found the same in the NASB, ESV, KJV, NKJV, and whatever else there is out there. “Translation is treason” goes the old proverb among translators.  But to not translate is unacceptable. A translation must be made. But as soon as you translate, you begin to interpret. Your very interpretive bias demands it.  The receptor language is changing, the donor language is still being learned about.  Translation is treason. Do we choose formal equivalence like the NASB or […]