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Simple College: The Process Driven College

Just some random musings I thought I’d share…and it turns out this is the 100th post on the new blog too. Nice! When I first entered Bible College at Luther Rice University in 2009, I was extremely new to applying for college, registering for courses, etc. I didn’t understand the difference between undergraduate and graduate courses, college credit hours, etc. (in fact, I still don’t completely understand it all!). It would have been great if someone would have given me a guide explaining how to transition into the college registration process and how to understand exactly what I was registering for. In addition, upon entering Bible College at Luther Rice University, I was handed a “status sheet” listing all of the courses I needed to take in order to complete my degree program. The goal of the “status sheet” was (and is) basically “Complete all of the courses on the sheet and when you’re finished, you graduate. You can complete most of them in any order you wish, but as long as you fill up the sheet, you graduate with a degree”. That’s how I’ve taken all of my classes through the past few years in Bible College. This is also how pretty much every college and seminary functions today, […]