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Charles Stanley’s New Book: Emotions

This fall, Dr. Charles Stanley launched a new book entitled Emotions: Confront the Lies, Conquer with Truth. In Touch Ministries asked me to read and review the book. Below are my thoughts. First of all, if anyone knows me any well at all, it’s obvious how much I enjoy Dr. Stanley and all of his teaching and books, so it’s been an honor to review Dr. Stanley’s latest book. Emotions is based on a sermon series Dr. Stanley did on damaging emotions, and as the subtitle proclaims, the job of Emotions is to “confront the lies and conquer with truth”. The book did an excellent job at it! Dr. Stanley takes readers through all of the various damaging emotions we all face in life and confronts them head on with the truths of Scripture. Dr. Stanley includes encouragement along the way, explains why God gave us emotions and how we can use them to further His kingdom, as well as touches on resolving the damaging emotions of fear, anxiety, rejection, bitterness, guilt, and despair. The practical, understandable, and personal tone of Dr. Stanley is felt throughout the book, as Dr. Stanley shares personal insights into his life at times when he had to overcome the same emotions. Emotions is an excellent book for anyone to […]