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Back to the iPhone (Part 4): Joining the T-Mobile “Un-Carrier” Revolution

This entry is part 4 of 4 in the series Back to the iPhone

In Part 1 of this series, I explained why I missed my iPhone and what caused me to go back to the iPhone. In Part 2, I gave an overview of the iPhone 5s from a hardware standpoint. In Part 3, I touched on iOS 7. In Part 4, I explain what caused me to leave AT&T as a wireless carrier, forego Verizon and Sprint, and join the T-Mobile “un-carrier” revolution.   AT&T: Clueless About Customer Service Shortly after going back to AT&T as a wireless carrier, I deeply regretted it. Instead of being presented with a welcome mat to bring me back, I felt stabbed with a knife in my back instead. AT&T immediately started adding additional fees on to my bill, while small and subtle, were just ways to inch my bill up even higher. Then AT&T pulled a tactic on me that I flat couldn’t stand: AT&T raised my early upgrade eligibility on me while being under contract. AT&T pulled this stunt on customers across the nation, and we were all deeply enraged about it. One of the reasons I chose to go back to AT&T, and even pick the Note II versus waiting for the Note III or another phone, was because AT&T offered a more […]